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George from Kenya message

George from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN is the best quality of all dealers around the world, in Africa a good example is my country Kenya, we love buying JAPANESE USED CAR because they are durable, can withstand our rough terrain and also they sell genuine and readily available spare parts.
Japanese cars are easy to maintain and are of customer friendly prices.
For the past three 8 years I’ve been using different Japanese vehicles and all of them gave me the best service I ever wanted, I first bought a very nice car Datsun 1200 and for 2 years of use I never went for any major mechanical problem despite doing the normal regular service.
I bought a Toyota hiace for public service and it served me perfectly with the bad roads we go through in our country I thank Japanese dealers for providing second hand spares that are of competent quality. Used Mitsubishi canter for transport of construction materials , and all this never let me down. Car from Japan including Japanese used cars are the best thing to ever use.
I recommend any one to use a car from Japan wether new or second hand. Thanks

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