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Gage Southard from USA message

Gage Southard from USA message
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I think the organizations sponsoring this competition are amazing for providing this opportunity, regardless of who the winner is. I’ve only followed this company since last year, but I have had nothing but positive experiences with them!

I personally would like to win this competition because it would relieve a huge financial burden from my family, in having to buy a second vehicle. We have two kids, and I’m Active Duty military, so it makes necessary travel more difficult whenever I have to travel two to six states away with our single vehicle, with the kids and wife’s doctors appointments, grocery shopping, work, etcetera. I’m torn because I want to buy a second vehicle, but I have massive amounts of debt from mistakes when I was younger, trying to figure out my way, and helping take care of family members. I’m slowly fixing those issues, but it puts me at a crossroads as to how I want to spend money right now. Pay debt, or take care of this necessity.
I look forward to seeing the end of this competition, because it was so uplifting hearing the story from the last winner of the contest. Thank you to Car From Japan and all of the sponsors for making this opportunity to ease someone’s life possible, and you’re amazing!

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