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Gabriela Martel from Belgium message

Gabriela Martel from Belgium message
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Hello from Brussels! My name is Gabriela and I was lucky enough to have found this incredible website online.
First of all, let me tell you a little bit about myself so you would understand why I am so interested in this contest and in Japanese used car international web page.
Since a month ago I started working in a car rental in Brussels. It has been an amazing experience so far but in order to be honest, it has also been a lit bit of a challenge because I did not know so much about cars at the beginning (and not so much right now either). However, once starting this new job where you really have to be informed about different cars benefits and extras such as GPS, winter tires and so on, I started to fall in love with this whole new world.
So now that I am slowing learning about all different cards and brands, I am starting to prefer some cars over the others and despite the fact that I am a girl, I want to be great in what I am doing.
So it means I have to keep learning and searching so one day I will get to know absolutely everything about cars.
This search of knowledge brought me to this website Car From Japan and since I do not have a car right now, I think this is a great opportunity for me to win one. I selected the Volks Wagen because I am in love with German cars.
I hope I could get to know about this project because I consider this kind of contest very interesting and generous.
So that is why I am participating and sharing my story with you.
I would rally want to own a car but at this point of my career I can not afford it yet.
In addition, I am really motivated about all these topics and summing up, yes, I would love to participate in such a great opportunity.
Thank you very much for the great offer and I hope to get in touch with Car From Japan for many years to come.
I sincerely wish lots of luck to everyone that is participating and let`s keep supporting pages like Car From Japan.
See you soon in another opportunity…
A warm hug from cold Brussels and hoping to be part of this community,

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