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FURAHINI MAYANGE MSOPHE from Tanzania message

FURAHINI MAYANGE MSOPHE from Tanzania message
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Dear Marketing officer, I would like to say some thing to you as shown above as an example. Example from topic one above is that what I know is that you have some of criteria’s which your going to include when you want to pick some one as a winner.
You should pick me as a winner whenever I will be within your criteria and meet all conditions which you were targeted. As I try to pass through to your criteria’s, some of them is to make sure that the contester is well registered with complete information’s which show even the destination where the gift will be delivered, either through emails, DHL, Google way. Those said above is among of your determinant towards some one to be a winner.
Car from Japan is that first off all whenever some one or a business company want to enter to the market it should make advertisement, By doing so Car from japan this company need to make a business all over the world where will sell its products.
Hence they should introduce this kind of marketing searching by offering their product almost all over the world such that whenever their winners use automatic they advertise such product from Japan.
Through their winners the Company will be able to collect some of information towards its product, that what people talk about these cars, How it looks like within your country, what challenges facing you during the use of these car from Japan, How do you feel when the use of this Car from Japan.
Those explanations above is that this company want to make a market all over the world hence it is in a research on how people will react towards in this product.
I would like to say thanks very much for your consideration and well register all of my information.

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