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Fred Kapara from Tanzania message

Fred Kapara from Tanzania message
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i have been invited to this competition without my knowledge and i don’t know who invited me but i liked it. its an honor to be in this competition and really fun as well. i think my Boss did suggest me because firstly she is one of your good customer. many times when she notice someone is in need of the car she will recommend CAR FROM JAPAN or even order it for them. so i am not surprised that she might be the one recommended me to this competition.

Secondly she knows i don’t have a car and i don’t have enough money to bring it from Japan, so i think she thought it might be a good idea to participate and probably i might be a lucky winner and have my car.

So this is why i am saying be one of the contestant its fun and interesting to me. i read all the instructions, directions and the way to increase my chances and i will try and do it.

whats more interesting is that, i just loved the brand as well. this is one creative idea ever. for marketing its really effective. it works very fast and effective to many. i saw it once on Facebook but i didn’t bother, but when i received two emails and decided to read them i became interested and then i decided to join the competition.

its true people have dream car, i have one but its not one specific car, my dream car change every time because i love comfortability and durability. so every time i come across comfortable and durable cars i love them and i wish to have them. so my preferences keeps changing all the time. i had a car before. i started with Vitz, it was a nice experience since was my first car and i was exited, then i started knocking my car down since we have rough roads. then i decided to get another car, i bought Ex-trail, the experience was amazing. the car was perfect for our roads and comfortable but i found out Nissan spare parts in my country are very expensive. every time i broke something i spent a lot. i decided to buy a Rav 4 of 2000. i loved it. comfortable and durable as well. i stayed with the car for more than 4 years and i decided to sell it as it had some problems with the engine. now i want either Harrier or Klugger. i want to rise it till i buy one.

i am happy that i am in the competition and i am going to enjoy every bit of it. lets do it.


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