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Francis Manuai from Papua New Guinea message

Francis Manuai from Papua New Guinea message
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I come from a family of 10 family members and lives in Central Bougainville, PNG. My parents are getting old and Iam the only one supporting the whole family with the little income I earn from my employment. Iam the only one in my family who managed to find a job in our small town. However, saving money to buy a car is very difficult because life here is very expensive considering my large number of family members to look after, when I am the only one employed. I have to pay for food, health services, clothes, rent, school fees and so on. In addition, I have a 6 months old son, Brooklyn, who is growing up and so I would be working even harder to care for him. Therefore, I cannot afford to buy a car.
I need a car from Japan to help my family start up a pmv or taxi service to support us find money to help my son and family with school fees and health service fees, etc.

Cars from Japan are quality and best sales cars exported in many countries in the world. Infact, Car from Japan and Japanese used cars companies had improved the lives of many people in different countries around the world. I had proven Cars From Japan’s many achievements online in their website, and I was very impressed. As far as I know, Japanese used cars and Cars from Japan are world’s number one, in terms of providing best sales and services of cars in various countries in the world. No other countries in the world are selling quality cars with affordable prices like Cars from Japan.
If I could be a lucky winner, it would also be a great opportunity for Cars from Japan to make its advertisements and sales here in my country. I would be very pleased to promote Cars from Japan in my country and region and to make sure people who want to buy a car, choose Cars From Japan. I believe most people in my area want a car but can not afford one due to the fact that buying a car from other cars companies in PNG is very expensive. Cars from Japan I believe are the best prices most people can afford, and of course the company make everything possible, from buying a car from Japan, to tranporting to the nearest port in your country.
Cars From Japan is doing an outstanding job to make the world a better, happier place to live. I would obviously recommend Cars From Japan to be recognised as the world’s greatest car company if there is a vote globally for such sales and services of cars. Cars from Japan deserves a global award.
Thank you so much Cars From Japan.You have put smiles and happiness to unfortunate people around the world and continues to do so.
I Believe and Trust Cars from Japan.

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