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Fonyuy Cornelius from Cameroon message

Fonyuy Cornelius from Cameroon message
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I think the company CAR FROM JAPAN will be able to help a lot of people in Africa especially my country Cameroon to be able to get good and amazing cars and your prices are quite affordable . The company will also create a lot of jobs if it is based in Africa especially in my country if it has an office in Africa where there is a lot of unemployment it will help the youths and distract them because a lot of youths are jobs making them to make bad use of their time. Furthermore,i think the company will better be base Africa too because many Africans will love to buy your cars but they will face a lot of difficulties clearing their cars from the sea ports due to the high taxes the will have to pay at the customs. Africa is a continent which is growing and evolving too your company can also have sponsors and investors who will also help in the growth of your company. Finally i think that will all this my propositions CAR FROM JAPAN will think of setting up a branch in Africa if possible in Cameroon which has a growing economy and will help in making your company grow.

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