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Focus mapunda from Tanzania message

Focus mapunda from Tanzania message
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Thanks to allow me to join on this campaign ,the car from Japan grand giveaway 2017.I like the car from Tokyo, Japan,I thanks Japanese government lead me to join on this campaign .Japanese car ,its model and brands are so attracted and potable. Iheve seen the list of car on your advertisement it is so good.that’s why attract me to write my explanation about Japanese car so as to get right point on this comption.For example of car,Toyota,Nissan, land rover and scania, according to our inviroment it most required because it is durable and its mantainance is possible when breakage accur . also most client in Tanzania need a car from Japan because of economic reasons ,the car from Japan use small oil,petrol and diesel that when we compere to Chinese car product. I’m sure the car from Japan lead competition to client of Tanzania, when I was young my dreams was one day I will have a car from Japan industry, .iplay to my god that one day iwill win to have my own car from Japan.god breadth Japanese government and their citizens to discover this plans campaign of Japanese car,I’m sure ,when ishall win this competition iwill convince my fellow to join this competition of Japanese car.iwill try to announce this campaign to all my friend ,from ,fb,Twitter, watsap,Instagram, and Skype, to understand Japanese car ,and to be part is pant on this competition, however some the do not known how ,to join on this campaign of Japanese car, but some of them they not sure about this campaign, so they will be sure when I was a winner, and if my car packed around of my house ,for example Tanzania need car from Japan which is durable, and can exist for along time,even spear is available, example Toyota,Nisan, Land lover and other Japanese product, so needed in Tanzania because of our inviroment.

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