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Florence Ngugi from Kenya message

Florence Ngugi from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN……this has been my dream to own a small family car, my son is always praying that we own one. This has been my site everyday for the last 2 years just admiring the cars and the prices, and patting myself on the back that we shall get there. I have always hoped that one day I will be able to raise money to get my own, and be taking my son to school as he’s always wished.

I had to take driving lessons to give him hope, at least when he sees my driving license he’s abit hopeful that the car is coming. He has drawn pictures of me driving and picking him from school.

When we have a borrowed or hired car, he wants to show me that he knows how to drive by giving instructions all the way from the steering wheel to the brakes, to the lights and parking. He will be so excited if we had our own.

I am always hopeful that one day this dream will come true through CAR FROM JAPAN Japanese Used car. This is a very good site and way of selling cars, and the discounts are always mouthwatering. I believe I shall get this.

Please please CAR FROM JAPAN Japanese used car, make my dream and that of my son come true. Happy 2017

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