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Festo from Tanzania message

Festo from Tanzania message
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am the winner because i know the value of CAR FROM JAPAN and i appreciate it on my environment that surround me.I think CAR FROM JAPAN are better than any car from any company in the world because they use less oil and simple to repair due to availability of spare parts and then this car lives longer than any car,Japanese used car i African countries helps most of the people to solve the problem of transportation of goods and people from one place to another ,Also improve living standard of people in some African families because he or she must be either a TAX driver and get must get the income.I appreciate there is no most beautiful cars lather than CAR FROM JAPAN.And am ready to be the ambassador of any CAR FROM JAPAN in my country because am in love and passion about CARS FROM JAPAN .thank you very much for this chance i think am the one among the winners

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