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Ferguson Ronespha from Papua New Guinea message

Ferguson Ronespha from Papua New Guinea message
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Car from Japan.
A great initiative by Car from Japan Co, Ltd for its products and services of Japanese used cars to its loyal and potential customers.
The way forward for any company to make progress and grow business at this very competitive edge is to engage your customers by not only asking from them by way of advertising but engaging them to take ownership, making them feel important and creating opportunities for them to earn something with something, or with very less or nothing at all that can change their lives once and forever.

For me this drive by your company is exactly doing that, and I would commend you for you have already won the hearts of people, like me who is some thousands of miles away but yet I feel engaged, I feel the excitement already that I am given a chance to be part of this initiative that might opens the door for me.

I know many customers and people around world one way or the other get connected to your initiative would feel the same excitement in me to participate in the promotion.

One very important feature that made me write this is not necessarily to get points but the approach and tools you are using to keep your customers and potential customers engaged by notices of their progress or results that you are sending it on daily basis. This alone is the winning catalyst for any company. Your company will go long way with this approach of marketing and business initiatives. I am impressed and convinced so do I write.

You have done well and Congratulations!! Car from Japan Co, Ltd has a great future ahead.

Thank you

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