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FELIX KIPYEGO from Kenya message

FELIX KIPYEGO from Kenya message
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Why I should be picked as the winner
I have always fancied cars since when I was very young. Neither of my parents had the luxury to own a car, and faced several transport challenges as a result of this. I undertook a commitment early in my life to do everything in my power to change that situation in my future. Because of my passion for cars, I have always devoted my time looking at new car designs as well as looking at the markets for possible offers on car dealerships though I have not been able to save enough to acquire myself a car. I have learnt how to drive both manual and automatic cars with a little knowledge on basic mechanics.
I have made sacrifices before to allow me know more about cars. I now have the opportunity to be among the very few people in my village to own a car, though I am in need of assistance to realize my child hood dream for me as well as for my parents. If chosen as the winner, I will continue to apply the same diligence in maintaining the car as well as assisting the needy especially during emergency situations as there are less means of transport available where we live. I will be an ambassador of Car From Japan from now henceforth. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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