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Farooq Khan from Pakistan message

Farooq Khan from Pakistan message
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Hi, I read about this campaign on Interest. And try my luck to get in this Giveaway. As there giveaway are significant among the wretched people who worked hard in life but due to Inflation they are unable to afford. Sometime these kind of offer chance their whole life. Same with the case with me, as I am student, currently studying and trying hard in my life to afford my expenses with my studies. As transport is significant, for a student small small amount refer big result. Transport is so expensive now a days, due to this my study budget get low because I have to go to the college for that I need transport. For every place transport is necessary. Due to this knot Its hard to meet Family due to long distance. I study in other country and my family live in other country. sometime its more than 14 to 15 months I do not go home just because transport distance. As Car is need now a days, its a need of human being. I can earn some money with car as doing job in Careem or Uber as they Want Car to enter, a person who has there own car can join the network. Through this I can effort my all the expenses. And as In Pakistan its hard t get job, but this is a kind of solution. Its very hard for student to buy a car, its out of range. I want to avail this change may be I can be a winner of this Giveaway. If family want to go somewhere its hard to get rented car, as they cost too high, this is also a problem. At last I would only say that hopefully I can win.

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