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farhad from Pakistan message

farhad from Pakistan message
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GOOD MORNING,CAR FROM JAPAN.i want to say that Japan has become the largest car producing nation in the world this follows their emergence as major competitors in the global automobile market and has need enabled by their increased innovativeness in technology improved level of car performance and competitive pricing,among other factors Japanese ability to produce popular,reliable,and affordable cars throughout the 1999’s resulted in the Japan becoming the largest car producing nation in the world in 2000 (JAMA) and I think the CAR FROM JAPAN brand is the best Japanese used car producing brand Japanese used cars are still luxurious this niche is filled European manufacturers such as mercedes-benz and BMW (HAYZ,2010) in march 2010,toyota’s new cars sales rose to 40.7% holding 17.5% market share of the united state market (HAYZ,2010)

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