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ESTHER MUFUNDA from Zimbabwe message

ESTHER MUFUNDA from Zimbabwe message
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I imported a Nissan, Wingroad from Japan in October, 2013. The car is just a beauty because it saves on fuel and any other costs one might think of. It is light to drive and easy to maintain. I have never experienced major problems with it because I send it for service and problem diagnosis at our Local CROCO NISSAN GARAGE here in Harare, Zimbabwe. I went for almost a year with its original tyres from Japan without any problems but I had to buy new tyres to suit our local hot weather.
The car radio easily got connected to our local network and air waves and I am able to link to three channels without any hassles, there are no shuffling sounds at all. The seats are well spaced to give the driver and passengers enough space to relax and enjoy the drive.
The boot is very spacious to allow a lot of luggage to be carried especially when I visit my rural home or when I go shopping or on a long holiday. I can easily get reasonably priced parts here in Zimbabwe in case of replacements.

I love the colour of my car, it’s pearl. It is ideal for the hot weather down here and I have never taken my car for repainting since 2013 because its original paint is still intact. It is easy to clean and it maintains it pearl glow after a good wash.

Used cars from Japan are affordable and accessible for everyone, both the rich and the poor. One just needs to make the right choice and buy a car whose price is friendly to their pocket, both in terms of price and import costs. The engine capacity can give an idea of how much fuel one will use per month etc. and one can choose between a diesel powered or petrol powered engine. Because of the affordability of the Japanese used cars, it is not surprising that almost 3/4 of the cars on our Zimbabwean roads are from Japan, with the majority being automated. This makes it easy for even the physically disabled person to drive them without much problems on our roads. Thanks to Japanese used cars!

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