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Esther Elisante from Tanzania message

Esther Elisante from Tanzania message
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I would like to say thanks for having this opportunity of joining this competition and be one among of the candidate. Am so glad for this because I believe that and hope that I’ll be one Among the winners. I really like products from JAPAN because their in good quality and nice. Also my special thanks to the sponsers who manage this competition of winning a car without any price. I think this is good since a person his or her dream car. The most owsome thing is that a chance is given to choose any car of your favour. What’s good enough is that winners are more than one . I really just can’t imagine the day I hold my car’s key. I’ll so happy for that . And my dream will be fulfilled . Because I never own a car of my own . I really can’t imagine. But I hope that I’ll be able to win a car. Because I know it will me to make transportation .

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