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Eshna Moyo from Zimbabwe message

Eshna Moyo from Zimbabwe message
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You should pick me as the winner because I have waited for many years to win a CAR FROM JAPAN and this time it is my turn to win this Japanese used car. Japanese used cars are good as new. They are so efficient on fuel and can be reliably used on all road terrains. I have been using a Japanese used car since June 2013, ( a Toyota Ipsum), and I have not had any major breakdowns. It is high time I got a new CAR FROM JAPAN as the Ipsum is now getting old and I would like to pass it on to someone else and then win and own another Japanese used car. I will be also be able to advertise the car in my country of origin, Zimbabwe, and as a result I will bring up the sales of Japanese used cars. People will be inspired to buy Japanese used cars and also get a chance to win a CAR FROM JAPAN like I just did,

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