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Erastus Kamau from Kenya message

Erastus Kamau from Kenya message
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I am very excited to take part in this great marketing campaign from Car from Japan. My interaction with this website has left no doubt in my mind that this is the leading Japanese used car marketplace and the best place for dealers and individuals to buy cars from.

Car from Japan has a very impressive social media presence and the online marketing campaigns are not only engaging but also exciting. These campaigns have been effective since I found this great website through the Car from Japan grand giveaway campaign after clicking a link on Facebook.

Should I win a car in this competition I will be your number one marketer in Kenya. I will ensure that the car remains branded and keep it in excellent condition to ensure that I represent the best image of your brand. I will also be actively promoting through my social media accounts mainly on Twitter and Facebook.

I would also like to partner with Car from Japan as a local dealer and be buying Japanese used cars from your website on a regular basis as I have found that the website has a huge stock of good quality vehicles that are reasonably priced. I will also recommend Car from Japan to my friends and business associates.

I will be very happy to win the grand prize and partner with you in marketing your Japanese used cars in Kenya.

Thank you!

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