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Enock Phiri from Malawi message

Enock Phiri from Malawi message
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There are a lot of things i like from CAR FROM JAPAN which motivates me to join the competition. One important thing is that your company recognizes and realizes the needs of individuals depending on their economic status and background. Most of the people in this region of the continent struggle a lot economically, but your company tries its level best to put forward the type of cars which are relevant to African countries and most importantly you always put them at an affordable price,so that most of us should manage to buy these cars hence improving our way of living. The other good thing is trustworthiness, you have your good systems in place to make sure that once a customer purchases a car it should reach him in good time as well in good condition, not damaged along the way.

I feel i am the right candidate to be the winner due to the fact that i love your company, i love your systems in place, in general i love the way you conduct your business. You are very accountable and you don’t disappoint customers. If you chose me as winner i would even act as your agent the way you would wish me to be to make sure that a lot of people get to come and conduct business with you. I promise picking me as a winner i will act as your advertising agent in any way you wish.

I would be very glad if i would be one of the luck winners in this competition.
Waiting for that day when my name would be chosen from the many participants in this competition.

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