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Emmanuel Hongoli from Tanzania message



“Car from Japan”has been a sentence which is mostly spoken by Tanzanians because of the durability, Best makes and types of cars which they made. The preference of cars to majority is those from Japan all because the Japanese products are known due to their best qualities.
By myself i feel proud to be an ambassador of Cars from Japan” as long as i’ll insist my fellows to purchase the best products. As an ambassador i have to make sure that my whole society purchase the cars from Japan. Introducing this information to my fellow is now going to be my daily routine or activity, i have to make sure that all people around my compound and all my contant lists and all friends of mine in social medias including facebook, whatsapp contants, phone numbers and my e-mail contants they all get this information and they participate or they join this awarding programme through my link!
Once i will be awarded i should take the chance to motivate others to participate this and to buy their cars from Car from Japan as long as it is the easier, best and accurate way of deliver a car of your choice at the cheapest price which majority can afford!
Being an ambassador of the best products is a proud!! My self i feel proud being an ambassador of Japanese cars because i can answer a lot of questios from my fellows on why i like Japanese cars, also from my answers all have to choose to be by my side because the quality goods advertise itself….

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