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Emmanuel Abraham Mpolya from Tanzania message

Emmanuel Abraham Mpolya from Tanzania message
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Cars, cars, cars…what can I say? They come in all shapes and forms, all hues of colors, all sights and sounds, all strengths and weaknesses . They make our earthily existence even more exciting. Through simplification of motion between two points, cars have driven an entire civilization! The space here is not enough for mentioning all the advantages cars have bestowed upon the humanity. However, it is fitting to mention a country that has not only made it possible for the largest part of the members of the human race to own or drive a car but also keeps making it even easier: Japan. Cars from Japan are everywhere, indeed, one day I was riding a Toyota Coaster in Kenya and i saw a Toyota Landcruiser in front of us with a spare-tire cover written “Every car in front of you is a Toyota”. That was funny to me. But upon reflection i saw the profundity of that statement. Toyota comes from Japan. It is a car from Japan. There are many car makers doing an equally wonderful job in bringing us the best for the road, but surely as far as Tanzania is concerned, Toyota is almost ubiquitous. We love all other car makers though. But then, given the financial demands that comes with owning a car, it would be impossible for all of us to buy brand new cars! How come that there is almost a ‘socialistic’ attitude to owning cars? It’s because some kind car owners keep their cars in good conditions and sell them as second-hand cars. In fact the best used cars are Japanese used cars. They are in such a good condition that it makes you wonder if they were used at all. Well, having lived in Japan for six years i know the reason: Japanese people are extremely good at maintaining the form of anything they possess. They will never let it break down to the point of being a member of the dumping site. Thanks to this attitude of Japanese car owners, we all can enjoy Japanese used cars. But how do we get to know about those used cars and eventually buy them? Can’t we get lost somewhere? The answer is NO. Because we have car dealers like who help us get the best Japanese used cars of our choice and taste. Thanks a lot to cars and car dealers!

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