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EMMA PETER NJAU from Tanzania message

EMMA PETER NJAU from Tanzania message
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Deep inside me lies the reality that Japanese used cars marked a milestone in the third world countries. These cars from Japan are not only affordable in price and easy to maintain, they also can withstand without difficulties the tough roads and weather conditions and they are the best when it comes to fuel economy ( you know what this means when your income is low to average and you can drive to and from work comfortably ).
I remember way back in the 1980s when my parents owned a car ( and you could count the number of cars in the road and even know the names of all car owners in that town by then ) . That car was not a japanese used car, it was from another part of the world ( I will spare the make and name of that car atleast in this writing ). At that point in time we would have a ride only on Sundays and well…. when the parents woke up super happy or maybe an important person visited and … you know, they want to show off somehow … hahaha…This was not because we wouldnt like to drive everday, but guess what? Yes, you are right, fuel consumption of that car.
They later bought a japanese used car in 2000s ( fuel consumption of 1500 cc ) and know what? We could drive everyday without limits, and yes, that was when I learnt how to drive.
Up to now I still wonder how many families would own a car in our third world countries if not for the japanese used cars.
Thanks to cars from Japan, we now have traffic in all our cities and towns, we have medium income families owning multiple cars, we can afford driving all days to and from our daily activities and what is more exciting? We can even afford to buy cars for our loved ones as gifts in their events, and sometimes for just no reason at all except to show that we care and love them.
Just imagine this …. replacing a card for a car on a valentine day … well, you may just be removing letter ‘D’ from ‘CARD’ , saving your ‘D’ for a dinner for two later in the evening but you would see the difference a ‘CAR’ FROM JAPAN would bring in your love life in real time than that card which many of us do not care at all where they came from LOL !

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