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elwins from Malawi message

elwins from Malawi message
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pick me up because:

  1. i will represent well CAR FROM JAPAN; i will like a mobile Ambassador because i travel widely in Africa. Been in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and i think of reaching countries like Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda soon.

  2. i am a public figure, and CAR FROM JAPAN will boost my confidence in reaching even the top class in societies without being intimidated.

  3. i study Marketing, i will help CAR FROM JAPAN find even more customers, in trying to pay back what they have done to me and my family.

  4. i have heard about JAPANESE USED CAR but never experienced them, this will be my opportunity to explore and to drive one of the best cars in the world.

and how i think of CAR FROM JAPAN and JAPANESE USED CAR

  1. They are helping fight poverty in developing countries due to selling cars at an affordable price

  2. the cars are up to African standards in terms of gravel roads and strength.

  3. its easy to find spare parts unlike cars from america etc which parts are not or are rarely available in Africa and are so expensive to order

  4. everybody in Africa drives CAR FROM JAPAN which makes it easy to know the operating system or easy

  5. JAPANESE USED CAR cars fuel consumption is good since before they sell they do service

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