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EKE KALU UCHE from Nigeria message

EKE KALU UCHE from Nigeria message
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I come from a society where car importation is one of the most lucrative businesses. Used cars are treated and appreciated as New ones as long as there are from Japan United states or the United Kingdom. I believe CAR FROM JAPAN has taken a very profitable step business wise by establishing such an avenue for car to come to this part of the world at cheaper rates. i must commend the marketing strategy used by CAR FROM JAPAN, it is the best and i don’t think any better strategy could have been devised to spread the word about Japanese used cars. i see this establishment becoming one of the major if not the major controllers the used car importation market, in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.
i hereby say a big thank you for the organizers for such a great idea involving a mere internet user in the making of a billion dollar company.

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