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Efrain Gonzalez from USA message

Efrain Gonzalez from USA message
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I would like to be chosen as winner and select a Japanese used car so I can drive it everywhere I go. Right now I am a student at College and I’m trying really hard to support not only my studies but my family. I am currently living with my mother who was a renal failure and with my sister that is nearly at High School. I have a truck but I would want something more economical because having a truck its a lot of money wasted on gasoline. Every third day I have to put gas and honestly when I was going to Internet, I type in giveaways and this page pop out and it make my mouse cursor to move to this page. I don’t want a new car, I would just like a volkswagen golf wagon. Something that i could drive to school and back home and drive my family to the store or to their places of interest. Thank you very much for having a look at this draft.

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