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Efel K Elias from Tanzania message

Efel K Elias from Tanzania message
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It is three times now being involved in this competion of finding a winner to give Japanes used car. I have not won even once, but I believe I am going to be lucky will win and I will drive a CAR FROM JAPAN.
I like Japanese used cars, since my two friend shiped them from Japan, and they are using them as if they were knew when they bought them. Their engines are in good conditions and fuel consumption is quitly normal. They do not consume more fuel, their price is also reasonable.
Spares for Japanes used cars are also plenty. They are easily available. My friends are real enjoying having CARS FROM JAPAN. I also like to own one, it is my dream to drive it and I hope I will be Luck this time.
When I get a chance to win, I am going to be a good ambassador of Japanese used car. I envite many friends of mine to join this competition, what if I won? I promise, I will be a goode ambassador.
Assume I won, a shiping place will be Tanzania, at Dar es salaam port. Tanzania is in East africa community.
And I assure you CAR FROM JAPAN is the best company that sells Used cars. It has best cars, reasonable price and spares are easly available. It has now spread all over the world. Congrats for that.
But let me advice the company. Open a show room here in Tanzania since many Tanzanians likes cars from Japan. When bussiness men brings cars here for selling, when cars arrive here they sell for even more than 5times the real price. When you bring cars by yourself you wil sell them at low price than those here and many people will demand them more and more so CAR FROM JAPAN will lead the world. Work on this advice for all countries not only Tanzania you will see and wonder you advance more and more.
Dear, many people wants to buy someting that will not take long time to be in their hand. They even afraid to send them because they know it will take long time for them to arrive. And they also take a time to the port, but if you import yourself these car, people will know that they are going to buy a car and come with them on the same time. Japanese used cars market will increase if this will be done.
Thank you very much for this chance. I hope this advice will be considered.
Efel Kampala Elias

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