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Edwin Elly Vahaye from Tanzania message

Edwin Elly Vahaye from Tanzania message
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The reason why you should pick me as a winner is because of my passion and my dream to own my own car from Japan (Japanese used car) and I will be a good ambassador for CAR FROM JAPAN.

CAR FROM JAPAN is a global company which sales a quality used cars with good and affordable price to customer world wide. Giving an example of Tanzania, most of cars are from CAR FROM JAPAN company and can sustain the weather of Tanzanian roads and even the fuel consumption is good.

And for this campaign, you have proved how much you care for your customers for giving away such big prizes.

Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN for this good offer. Please bring more offers for your customers because of your unique idea which has made people including me to change the direction of which type of Car and from which supplier should I use.

By bring this campaign, CAR FROM JAPAN has become the best among the most campanies I have heard.

Everywhere in Tanzania, people are speaking of CAR FROM JAPAN and that what made me to get involved into this campaign.

I am looking forward to win the Prize and be the CAR FROM JAPAN ambassador.


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