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Edwin DSouza from India message

Edwin DSouza from India message
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Dear Mr. Lan Phan,

Warm Greetings from Edwin DSouza!

I am highly obliged with your wonderful letter and I am looking forward to be the representative for your sponsors and your brand.

I am from India and I am looking forward to win this car from Japan. I have always longed for products coming from Japan and here I am receiving an opportunity of winning a beautiful car from your country, Japan.

Also, I have used Casio watches which are originally from Japan and I have been using it since the age of 9.

Wining a car from Japan will help me travel across various parts of India and this will make me feel proud of your company and your country (Japan) as well, since it will a priceless gift from your Car company.

Mr. Lan Phan, I am keeping my fingers crossed and will be awaiting for a positive answer from your end.

Hoping to win this car. Even though I am not able to win this car, my best wishes will always be to you and all who are working for CAR FROM JAPAN CO., LTD.

Again, before I sign off with this letter, My best wishes goes to you Mr. Lan Phan, and all those who are behind in make this car company known to the world across.

Thanking you in anticipation

Edwin D’Souza
Mumbai, India

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