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Edward Joseph Yap Quitola from Philippines message

Edward Joseph Yap Quitola from Philippines message
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Good day!
Lan Phan and to each and every individual behind the CAR FROM JAPAN, good greetings to you all.

i don’t want this to be a very long and tiring message to read with so i’m just going to let you all know how lucky I am to be one or part of this tremendous opportunity. First and foremost, yes I do want a car, actually it’s a it of a need for me, for family matters too. I had once a Vanette that i drive before, just going in and out of the village, to the stores, i don’t have license that time, no job also. But i do really love that 1997 model automobile. Not maybe the most headturning car or the very most conditioned car, but i really do appreciate its value. I always have it carwashed,check for serviceable parts and maintenance, the inside is well furnished, mattings are being washed always. Even tho i have not have enough money or a job to have it be fully taken care of i always make sure it does,by myself always and with my friends and the trusted persons, and i made sure that when i get a job, i will make sure of it that it’ll be taken care of. But undfortunately, my uncle sold it. I was so sad. I got nothing to do, to looked up on everyday outside and see how wonderful that van is. So right now, i am saving all my earnings for a car, and then this opportunity had come, i am hoping the best there is to be picked as one of the winners, and if not. It’s a big thanks for you all for making each and all of us car dream owners be happy once in a while. Thank you.
God bless.

Edward Quitola.

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