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Edgar Masoud from Tanzania message

Edgar Masoud from Tanzania message
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CAR FROM JAPAN should pick me as the winner in this competition due to the reasons I explined hereunder:

I am the outstanding buyer of Japanese used cars since 2009 whe I used to purchase my very first CAR FROM JAPAN, I remember it was Toyota Chaser, SX 80, 1992 Model. Again in 2002, I ordered another CAR FROM JAPAN, this time was Mark II, SX 90, 1994 Model, Again in 2004, Another CAR FROM JAPAN, Chaser GX 81, 1992 Model. In 2008 ordered another CAR FROM JAPAN, Toyota Chaser, SX 100, 1996 model. In 2010, I ordered CAR FROM JAPAN, Toyota Mitsubishi Pajero iO, 1993 Model, in 2013 Toyota RAV4, 2002 Model and in 2016, Toyota Mark X, 2005 Model. All of these were Japanese used cars.

From all above, one will notice that, Japanese used cars to be my favourite choice once it come to the type of car I want to purchase and use for my day to day activities.

To my opinion, CARS FROM JAPAN, Japanese used cars are very dependable, economical, durable and reliable especially to us in the Third World countries.

In view of the above, I therefore urge my colleagues from Tanzania, Africa and all Third World countries to opt for CAR FROM JAPAN as their sole dependable and reliable dealer of Japanese used cars.

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