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Duncan Ntabo from Kenya message

Duncan Ntabo from Kenya message
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I am a photographer. I believe a very hardworking and entrepreneurial one for that matter. I normally go through my typical day hauling heavy and expensive equipment to whenever I am working and then back to my residential place. It is very tedious to achieve my assignments satisfactorily without a car, besides it is also very risky with the possibility of muggings glaring at me. I also suffer rapid breakage and wear of equipment since it is handled by public transportation. Getting to my clients in good time is also increasingly challenging what with public transport routes becoming more and more congested day by day. I need a car. If I had a car I can greatly alleviate these challenges and achieve lots both for personal and career fulfilment.

Car from Japan is one of the few Japanese used car sites with really good prices for the units they sell, they are honest and trustworthy, and they have awesome customer service that responds fast to queries. I also love the fact that they are on social media, you can get them on facebook and chat on skype, they are also present on twitter and so easy to get to. They have English -speaking personnel who are always handy to help.I would no hesitate to recommend it to anyone shopping for a car anytime. Personally, I have shopped for a car on the site and though I haven’t bought one yet, I believe in due time I am going to get one for myself.

And oh! The car from Japan website is so beautifully and professionally laid out and you can get all information in one landing.I especially like the handy tool at the website that gives me instantly prices at my country’s port in my local currency. I don’t like it when I am given FOB prices from the other Japanese used car websites, and I have to start calculating the costs of the car if it was to get to my local port: and that means leaving the site to find the landed CIF prices. I don’t like that. I always would rather the prices inclusive of everything to be laid out and in my local currency too, like CAR FROM JAPAN, so I don’t have to reach for the calculator every time.

I intend to use the service to become an affordable and reliable car dealer of Japanese Used car myself in a few years, hopefully. I have always had a dream to have a car dealership and sell Japanese used cars. I am working on my dream and in due time, with the help of CAR FROM JAPAN, I am going to achieve it. It may have taken me sometime to get here. But from here I can only go up!

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