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Duncan Katuramu from Zimbabwe message

Duncan Katuramu from Zimbabwe message
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CAR FROM JAPAN Japanese used car

You are helping the poor live their dream. It is hard for anyone to have a car, but with car from Japan, you make dreams come true. Your price is right and our dreams become a reality. In Africa where I come from, driving a car is both a status symbol and a necessity. Owning a car makes life easier. Owning a used and reliable car makes our dreams come true.

You should pick me as the winner because I always dream about picking the less privileged with my own car. I would like to make sure I use the car to not only help me but to help others. CAR FROM JAPAN is giving away a car, why can I not give my time to help as many people as I can when I win my prize? I have already worked hard to make my dream a reality by acquiring a driving permit, but i now need a car in my names. It is a dream I can realise if I win with CAR FROM JAPAN. Owning a car will make my life a lot easier travelling to town from home or going to visit friends and helping out relatives. I think you should pick me as a winner because I will put the car to its expected use and I will not be selfish about sharing the car with helping out others because me too I would have received it as a gift. Pick me as a winner because I need that car. I don’t just want it, I need it. It is a necessity to greatly improving my life. I am a family man with two children and wife and would like to take my children out in my personal car. I want this car because it will make my family and social life a more rewarding experience.

The world is not an easy place to survive in these days. It is a competitive world and everyone must try their best to catch up with the global trends. However, there are third world countries mainly in Africa, Asia who have to work even harder to cope. I think CAR FROM JAPAN is leading the way in making the dreams of tens of millions come true. Which little boy has never driven a car growing up, and believing they will drive it one day. That dream is becoming a reality with the CAR FROM JAPAN Grand Giveaway. So, I think CAR FROM JAPAN is making our childhood dream a reality.

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