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Douglas katonha from Zimbabwe message

Douglas katonha from Zimbabwe message
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Truly genuine cars come from Japan only. why am I saying this.? Last year on February i bought a minibus from my country here in Zimbabwe. The vehicle started continuous breakdown downs and i used more than 2 000 united states dollars for repairs and fixing the vehicle. I learned a lesson from own experience, from friends and relatives that only a good vehicle come from Japan. Japan is my destination point to buy my vehicle. I truly believe from my inner heart. This time i will not go anywhere except Japan. I deserve to be a winner because i also tell everyone who is looking for a vehicle about importing from Japan in doing that will be doing marketing for Japan car manufacturing companies. The vehicle from Japan are strong they last long. Everyone with a car from Japan has a good story to tell. I don’t want to lie this is true in Zimbabwe and the whole Africa. Only Japan is the best destination to buy a good, smart, durable vehicle. Spread good gospel if someone deserves. .Japan you are stars, your cars are good and excellent because they last long. You do genuine business . I thank you . I support you. and I will continue to market all your vehicle brands.

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