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DORIS MUMBI MUTHONJ from Kenya message

DORIS MUMBI MUTHONJ from Kenya message
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Thanks so much Car from japan for giving me yet a second chance to participate in the competion. I feel honoured because you dnt consider race as origin but you carry out this activity world wide. For the sponsors may God continue blessing you. Im one person who has experience with two cars and both are from japan and this far if asked again and agajn i would still pick your cars because they are of good quality because even going to the garage cause of mechanical issues is rare. Ones you buy yhe Car from japan and you give it the best service it requires you will enjoy the service the car will give you. The cars from japan are so strong and can be driven anywhere,that is even in muddy places they make it. I am curently driving an NZE but its a make of 1994,which the make and model doesnt match because after we enquired through the Kenyan Kenya revenue authority it was a mistake that came from the manufacturer, that is Japan but i felt it was a nice so i continued using it and true to the word it has goven me service. Unfortunately ave not been able to buy any other car because of financial issues cuz ave been having ailing parents to take care of and if am to buy i can only buy a car from Japan which to me now seems like 5 years to organise my self and buy one and in Kenya a law is coming up where one should not stay with a purchased car for more than 4 years and considering mine i have stayed with it since 2011 i feel i might be among those affected. Hence i felt that if picked as a winner and given a car i will still continue using a Car from japan which are the best cars. In this regard i wish the sponsors will read my small essay and consider me as a winner in kenya. Thank you.

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