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donna FIELDS from USA message

donna FIELDS from USA message
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I would love to own a Car From Japan and the Rav4 is one of my favorite Japanese used cars made on the market. It focuses on comfort and safety for your family. I am a widow raising three grandchildren and fourth one on the way plus myself and my daughter. I need a vehicle that is safe, and large enough to hold my family and easy to install a baby carrier car seat. My husband before he died wanted to buy me such a car. He said the Cars From Japan were excellent vehicles. I need a Japanese used car that is fuel efficient because i live in the country. The Rav4 is an excellent family car with considerably more passenger room and cargo space to carry things such as groceries after taking my grandchildren to school. and their sports equipment that is needed for school activities. The vehicle i had when my husband died my daughter was driving and totaled it and i only had liability so I had nothing to drive after this happened. Then after walking in the rain and snow to get food or take my grandchildren to catch the school bus for several weeks. i had to buy another vehicle. It does not hold all of us at one time. We have to do what is needed for home or to pay bills while the children are in school Because they are still young enough we have to take them with us if we leave the house at all. We can’t even all go to church at the same time. Know with a new baby on the way there will not be enough room in the car i have at the present time in case of an emergency and we need to go to a hospital or doctor I will have to pay a sitter if i can get one to watch part of the children. The Rav4 or a car similar to this size would be perfect for my family to be able to leave our home together at the same time. The optional all wheel drive system of this type of Japanese used car has more off road capability not to mention the grip this type of car has on deep snow driven roads. The car i have now will not even pull out of my driveway if it snows. Cars From Japan are long lasting, economy efficient vehicles and i would love to own such a car that I know i could depend on and be safe with all of my grandchildren no matter what the weather might be outside. I hope you will consider me worthy of such an excellent gift to win and pick me as your winner. This would help my family with our needs not our wants. This way my daughter would be able to get a job after her baby is born in order to help me pay bills or just buy groceries. The way it is now she can’t because i don;t have enough room in the car i have at the present time for all of us to fit. The car from Japan would be mine and for the three grandchildren i have custody of to ride with me and we would all have our needs met. I am having to do the man role and womans role at my home now that my husband is dead and it is very hard. I live on a fixed income and i can do no more than i am or we would not even have food in my home. I do not have any outside government help or fathers of my grandchildren paying child support. So everything is just on me and it is very stressful and hard at times. So with my home this would be a blessing more than anyone can imagine.

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