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Donatus Mlelwa from Tanzania message

Donatus Mlelwa from Tanzania message
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You would like to pick me as the winner because, first of all i love the cars from Japan especially Toyota cars. And almost i spend a lot of times in Japanese website to look new brands. Also i would like to pick as the winner due to the way i love the Japanese cars, and i could be your ambassodor by promoting your brandy. And i believe i could fit easy into your team in announcing your Japanese car in developing countries.

Car from Japan are very good car were depend on users.
Also Japanese Car are very strong car where by in developing countries especially Africa countries specifically Tanzania country are more preferable due to poor infrastructure where only Japanese car are more useful due to materials made and strong of Japanese cars.

Japanese car also goes with people needs. This means Developing countries prefer much cars which using few amount of fuel. They like economical cars were use very little fuel, and only these cars made by Japan. They made cars by listening people needs or what people say.
Also Japanese Car easy to get spares compared to other cars from others places. These are among of why i like Japanese cars.

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