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donath from Tanzania message

donath from Tanzania message
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It is a good chance for me to open up my views on cars from Japan.They are so durable, energetic, efficient in fuel consumption and of each type example , portable, etc.they are easy to have spare parts .I belief I will win a car from Japan .it will be very ogood .since my young age I was aware that Japanese cars are the best cars ever in the world.they are of different types, in case of size, engine capacity, and can work at different conditions depends on ones needs ,example terrain ,mountains , rainy climates, etc ..I think this will be my good chance to promote this company if I win a Japanese car an activity I used to do previously of if I win it it will be several times before.There at my domicile they used this type of vehicles for home based activities like carrying home wares, food short they are so significance.They call it mandoline in chaga language in tanzania kilimanjaro.They are also used for heavy duties like carrying logs from the forest, building materials like stones bricks etc. On the other hand i would like to encourage different institution to employ vehicles from japan for the mentioned features.The institutions include religions, schools, colleges,building companies as well.Using such japanese product they will found maximizing their income and profit as well.
Previously i used to come across “double kebin” as nikmed in tanzania, which is mostly used for carrying medium weight. I advice the bussness practitioners to employ such vehicles as we used to do in our activities.

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