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Donata Uwimanimpaye from Rwanda message

Donata Uwimanimpaye from Rwanda message
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I congratulate you for this campaign?
Can really this game bring me a car from Japan to Kigali while Rwanda is a totally remote area? Have you ever been to Rwanda? Rwanda is a sovereign state in central Africa with a widely varied geography. Rwanda has one of the highest population densities in Africa (1,060/sq mi) with a young, mostly rural population. In 2014, the population is estimated at 12.1 million, an increase from 2013’s estimate of 11.8 million. We love our country and we work very hard to sustain its development. Car from Japan could help us to move very quickly towards the progress. There are very few major towns in Rwanda, and Kigali is the largest with more than a million people. Other larger towns are Musanze, Muhanga and Rubavu, Rusizi and Huye, all with less than a million people. My town is Huye, the former Butare.
When I receive this car I will witness that your Organization is for the promotion of the whole world and is worthy of trust. This car is going to sustain our work for unity and reconciliation.

Rwanda has been known in the world for the genocide of 1994.

After the 1990 -2000 periods of violence in Rwanda we put up following actions:

  • We have created from 2001 a local Organization APAX-Rwanda with the purpose to spread the values of peace in Rwanda and in the whole world.
  • We have launched the first center of inclusive education in Janja Sector, Gakenke disctrict, Northern Province of Rwanda, from 2003.
  • We are building a center of inclusive education in Matyazo Sector, Ngororero disctrict, Western Province of Rwanda, from 2004, specifically, a Vocational training Centre for youth with intellectual and physical disabilities.
  • We have sensitized local leaders, civilian and ecclesiastic ones of Gakenke and Ngororero districts for the need of children living with disability.
  • We have built and equipped a physiotherapy place at Janja for all people living with a need of physical maintenance. Father more; to enhance social inclusion, we train parents in basic physiotherapy that is needed to care for their children with disabilities.
  • We provide Social and economic assistance : medical care to children with disabilities, distribution of wheels chairs and other materials to young people with disabilities in Gakenke and Ngororero districts, paying school fees and equipment to orphans and poor children.
  • We have built a center to form trainers for peace education in Nkubi Sector, Huye disctrict, Southern Province of Rwanda, from 2012.
  • We have trained all representatives of religions in the whole country of Rwanda in the value of “Freedom of Religions” in 2015-2016 to teach them how to tolerate one another and respect the opinions of others for a more peaceful world.
  • We are training people in many places to acquire the value of forgiveness to sustain the government program of unity and reconciliation.
  • We organize in our centers a week end program for all children to raise an inclusive society helping them to grow in values of peace.
  • We need to build a center for peace values where we can develop materials for training such as booklets, websites and train people from all over the world in sustainable values of peace and development. The center will be settled near the lake Burera and this will help people to gain required concentration in the training. The rules to respect the environment of the lake, such as leaving a distance of 50 meters from the shore will be followed. The trainers, instead of living only from the sponsors, will raise a project of fishes in the lake Burera and visitors will enjoy the way they will be welcomed there. The garden will have flours, fruits and beautiful trees. All this decoration of lake, garden and buildings will be designed to promote Knowledge of sustainable values of peace with respect of environment.
  • The training of trainers will be going on in Huye as usually, the training of students in their schools, the training of communities in their localities and religious and civilian leaders will be trained in our new place without exclusion of others.
    Thank you for your understanding.

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