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Dishon Gongo from Tanzania message

Dishon Gongo from Tanzania message
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Hi! Am Dishon Gongo from Tanzania,since I was young the only country made good cars wasJapan,
I prove that when my uncle buy used probox one month ago and drive it in a rough road but no repear needed.
I think about the car from japan because of the following reasons:
1.I like car from Japan from Japan does not pollute air as much
3.does not use more fuel as from other country spear part are available
5.The shape of car bodies are attractive and hard to be damage with small peace of hard thing
6.Cars from Japan can be driven at rough road and good road.
Those are things I can say about car from Japan.
You can pick me as winner because am read to be ambassador of car from Japan in my country and in my continent.
And I will you my social media account to advertised on cars from Japan.
Thank you for promoting people in simple way of travel
Car from japan are the most car in the world

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