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Des Paul from Zimbabwe message

Des Paul from Zimbabwe message
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CAR FROM JAPAN. I might have entered this before, but I’m not sure. If I have then cancel this entry as I do not want to be disqualified.
I’m now 76 years old and still carrying a full load in my charity work where I train destitute mothers with children in survival skills that will give the ability to earn incomes for the care and support of their children.
I have sent 450 village women to a partner organization ‘Foundations for Farming’ for training in Conservation Agriculture. They receive certificates and undertake to pass on their new skills to 10 other people. Some do a little less and others do more.
Arithmetic calculations tell us that over 4500 villagers benefit from this program which means over 14000 children benefit. Children are our ultimate goal in this program. We need a reliable vehicle to monitor this program as well as do do follow up workshop training in food processing and other related skills.
Our trained certificate holding women are called ‘CLC Lead Farmers’. At every Green Show our Lead Farmers take the top prizes. Their groups are called CLC Mushandirapamwe meaning ‘Chinamhora Lifestyle Centre work-together’
This is our contribution to using the community and their skills to improve the lot of the children. And it works well and I believe it is the most cost effective method. It also welds communities together and encourages community involvement in child protection and care.
This year we have partnered two destitute families in growing crops, on a share basis, on their unused land. We provide training, seed and manure as well as labor. They provide land and labor. Expected results are food for their family and food for our ‘MHT Family Home’. We are also looking forward to surpluses for clothing and educating the children.
When I go into the communities I am welcomed and many insist that I visit their homes to witness the positive changes there. One woman in particular took me to see her crops being the second season after training. She told me that her first crop fed them for a year and surpluses were sold to pay school fees.
I wish that we could do more for our children.
With a reliable car I will be able to visit these families and help them by treating the sick and praying for them.
May our Heavenly Father bless us all.

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