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Deogras Luoga from Tanzania message

Deogras Luoga from Tanzania message
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Hello Sir/ Madam.
Am happy to be participate in your marketing strategy. For me being one of someone’s success through implementation certain planed idea makes me happy.
I think I deserve to be picked as a winner because I am working for your Company in implementing your marketing strategy. Using my time costs, money , my phones ,Laptop and my accounts in different social medias just to make shure that your Company information reaches many people around the world as soon as possible.
Second thing is that ,you have put some principles as for some one to become a winner. Now once I fulfill those principles ,the contract will have been meet and deserving to be picked as a winner.
Cars from Japan are good, durable and performing good , spares available with affordable costs. Found depending on someone ability to pay. So, they are good.

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