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DennisPmosha from Tanzania message

DennisPmosha from Tanzania message
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CAR FROM JAPAN…!!! what a great name….!!!
Frankly I didn’t expect that name at first place. The one who bet the name must be great. I guess he/she knew how easy to refer a friend to that name.
I’m telling you the truth, honestly I bought my last car on-line from Japan but through other CAR FROM JAPAN. Few days later one of my coworker liked my car…, he wanted to order just the same car. He requested the link and I gave him. the next morning he told me to write that name down for him… I took a piece of paper and wrote it down and gave to him. late in the evening he called me via mobile phone. I picked it up, “what was the name of that company again?”, and he asked me. And I was like “huh, what happened? I wrote it down for you early this morning, did you lost that peace of paper?”. “No, no my friend, it is just as I arrived home, I put my clothes off, my wife took them and soaked them but she threw away that piece of paper..?”. “I see!” I replied “why didn’t you read and memorize it in the first place…?” I asked. And he reply was “That name is bit tough and hard to remember…, it would have been at least easy if it’s name was directly related with what they do, but not…, I even imagined how it related with the cars but I failed…?”.
“Okay, I understand. now I will send you e text message of the name. but remember its name is (I mentioned the name once again), forget not”.
Then I sent him the message and he got into the website and made his order.
(This is the true story, I didn’t make it up just to fill an essay here, I even send/shared with him the link to this campaign, I hope he will join and perhaps he will share the story too)
How easy for one to remember a CAR FROM JAPAN…, is so easy.
If I win I will just say “I got this CAR FROM JAPAN”. i Can even Imagine putting a BIG post on its wind and rear screen written “CAR FROM JAPAN”
or “You need a car? visit CAR FROM JAPAN .com”
its so easy for one to remember
I wish I could be your ambassador and advertise your link and cars, not only If I win but all the time. why cause you seem to be trustworthy and reliable…
Also I like your design of marketing…, you aimed not only to benefit yourself but also your supporters, which is very good thing.

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