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Dende Salum Nteba from Tanzania message

Dende Salum Nteba from Tanzania message
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I personally appreciate the CARS FROM JAPAN, due to the technology used to manufacture them. Cars from japan have been increasing in my country of Tanzania at high rate of importation yearly, and this made 99% of the car in Tanzania are imported from japan. Although most of them are the Japanese used cars, but people have appriated them by using the good technology and innovative one with affordable prices.
For any success there are also new emerging challenges. There are some challenges that have been emerging on the issues of japanese car. Some of the issues that has been a big problem in the importing tax policy.The taxes charged to the person by importing the car in too big and this could lead to reduce the number of people whom they need to import japanese cars either for resale , business usage or home personal purposes. What i suggest to do in order to solve and reduce this burden of huge taxes to the end user or importing japanese car is that, the government of Tanzania and the government of japan should be adviced to sit together and make a friendly tax treat to reduce the burden of this taxes. The tax authorities of this two countries should set a good friendly tax treat.
Morever, the japanese used car should open more representative offices at least in all the cities of Tanzania. I am also already to work with you as an agent or representative in any city in my country.
Also, the companies from japan should initiate the assembling unit of the japanese used cars in Tanzania. This could reduce the burden of taxes charged and legal complications could be minimized.
Due to the assembling unit in my country many cars and good number can be imported as material and more cars can be assembled and this could increase the ready assembled japanese car for easy delivery to customers with in the country and neighbouring countries with no shipping costs and complications.
I hope the above is not enough to increase sales hence profits but more i can work with you for high productive ideas at the lowest costs to gain more profit if i could be given a chance of being a representative of japanese car in my country.

My email; and phone ; +255769337993.

Thanks in advance. Yours in building the economy.
Dende S.Nteba.

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