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Decima REGATULE from Solomon Islands message

Decima REGATULE from Solomon Islands message
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Greetings to all of you hardworking staff of the CAR FROM JAPAN Co, LTD. Your question why should you pick me as the winner is a motivational and mind opener question for me as an individual. 1. Motivational because I will be competing with other fellow global country men, women, boys and girls. 2. Positive mindset that respects and values company(ies) who manufacture finished products from raw materials that were/are considered in the first place – just raw materials.

One classical example is imported CARS FROM JAPAN (Japanese made) has dramatically increased in the last few years here in Honiara, capital of Solomon Islands. The expansion of the new Honiara road (2016 -2017) of a new four-lane road will further increase import of Japan used cars. This will test and feel the surface of the new expansion when completed.

To be honest I love Japanese made cars. They are conducive, friendly and of course, strong. Therefore, I see no reason why I shouldn’t be the person you are looking for as the winner to this very inviting and exciting competition.

Domo Agrigatou Gozaimasu!!! (little bit learning my Japanese language)
Decima..(Solomon Islands)

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