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Debashis Ghosh from India message

Debashis Ghosh from India message
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This is very good question , why you will select me as winner?
Well I’m the guy who has passion to do something creative but have no proper money to fulfill my desires. You know, some people are well qualified but situation and financial condition let their dreams not come true . But if you give them adequate amount of resources which they want. I am sure that they can accomplish their goals easily and I’m also part of these group. I’m hardworking guy who comes across as assertive and open to absorb anything which is good for me.I’m someone who is well alert at opportunities around us. For these nature you are not going to announce me as winner but I know If I want to become winner, I’ll have to do lot of tasks like sharing this contest on different social sites , so people can aware of this websites as well as they can win some exciting gift stuff..2nd most important thing is that I am a management employee , so I know if I want to establish this brand .I have to find out the target ordience and give them explanation about this website as a result many people will get to know about this and they can recommend this website thus help you to do business very well. I don’t think a general person can do these kind of staffs as they don’t know how to do marketing .This is quite difficult for them to find out potential customers and to convince them in efficient way. But this is my plus point , I can convince the people so easily and create a trust between a company and a customers .
We all know about Japan where all kind of devastion take place but still Japan is a standing as developed country because Japan is technology oriented country which can protect itself from any dangerous. So definitely a car which is made in Japan will be the best .

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