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Davison kumpama from Malawi message

Davison kumpama from Malawi message
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I would like to thank Car from Japan for introducing this amazing competition. Giving away free cars is not small thing in times of this bad economy. Being a sales and marketing person myself, i think am the rightful person to be picked as one of the winners. I know these cars are branded by the sponsors so when ever am out of my office for sales duties i will be using this car and it means am advertising also. I will be doing marketing for the CAR FROM JAPAN beside my usual day to day work. I always cover more than 2000km every month visiting my clients and friends in different district, towns and cities in my Country Malawi. And this will give me added advantage to tell people about CAR FROM JAPAN as best supplier or seller of good cars in the world. Prospective buyers will get best information from as one of the users or beneficially of your products and in this case CARS. I will be like your brand ambassador in Malawi. For those having wrong perception about CAR FROM JAPAN will get well informed decision from me. It will be easy to get more buyers from Malawi as i will act as one of your marketing tool. As sales guru it will be easy for me to impart knowledge about CAR FROM JAPAN and other services offered by this company. CAR FROM JAPAN is customer oriented and always geared to make the customer happy. CAR FROM JAPAN has experienced personnel who knows the needs of the customer worldwide. CAR FROM JAPAN has friendly members of staff who are always ready to help its customers to make good choice on their spending as far as car purchasing is to go by. Buying car from CAR FROM JAPAN is good choice because you are assured that the car you see on the website it will be the same car you will receive. If you buy car from CAR FROM JAPAN you will not regret as their cars are well serviced before are offered to buyers. In other words their cars are value for money you have spend on them. This is only car selling company that is trustworthy.

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