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David Tumwine from Uganda message

David Tumwine from Uganda message
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I have passion for Japanese cars, firstly they are durable/long lasting most especially for african poor murrum roads like here in Uganda!
Japanese used cars fuel consumption is also good if you compare it with other cars imported from other European countries.

For CAR FROM JAPAN, car spare is easily got and available on the local market other than other cars which has to be imported first, this has made it more prefered on the Local and international market.
They are good in body shape/ design, they fit African weather which is hot and muddy during heavy rains and down powers, slippery roads, Japanese used cars proved it best!.

Japanese used cars are not so expensive and it has made everyone to have an inspiration to drive/ to own avehicle preferably from Japan!
Japanese used cars are more comfortable on the road while driving and its interior looks so nice!
I want to win this car from CAR FROM JAPAN because it has been my dream, so it will be my dream come true, secondly i want to beocme an ambassador of Japanese used cars while owning one and marketing it most especially here in uganda, Africa and the whole world.

Thank you so much CAR FROM JAPAN for this opportunity to participate in this competition to win acar and i have faith to win it, thank you so much once again!

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