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David Mallugu from Tanzania message

David Mallugu from Tanzania message
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Dear Lan Phan

I am delighted and very much impressed by this arrangement you have designed. I really look forward to see the outcome of the exercise I have decided to enroll myself in on this date. It is something to note because it is late at night when I am writing this mail to you.In fact I like Japanese cars but financial constraints are letting me down sometimes such that at times I end up purchasing a vehicle not to my optimal taste.If given an opportunity to choose my heart is on a Land cruiser both types of it, for the main reason being that they are strong and very convenient. They can reach different parts of my home country Tanzania without any problem. Another outstanding car in my opinion is a Nissan patrol, it is a great car in similar lines of the above described cars.The smaller versions of the above mentioned vehicles are Rav 4 and Nissan X-Trail.Double cabin Hilux and a similar version of a Nissan are also great vehicles.These are really vehicles I admire so much. This was just my wishful thinking and trying to share my opinion and taste, I am a very flexible person who can appreciate and accept any choice available at that particular moment fully. Thank you very much again for this arrangement. It is a good form of advertisement. Let me end here for today,
Thank you.
David Mallugu.

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