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Davi Ribeiro from USA message

Davi Ribeiro from USA message
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First of all thank you for the opportunity to participate.

My name is Davi Ribeiro, I’m a hard working man who lives and works in Houston, Texas I am also a single dad.
I have been going through a custody battle since March of 2016. This custody battle has cost me upwards of $17,000.00, needless to say, it is imperative for a father, worker to have a reliable vehicle.
I have a good blue collar job thanks to the generosity of my father’s employer, having a blast working here for the weekly 50 hours.

I’m currently depending on my father for transportation when it comes to going to work and church, as well as picking up my 1 year old son Anderson.
For all those reasons as well as my dream of independence and further success I am in dire need of a reliable vehicle. For your consideration Davi Ribeiro.

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