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Dannie Grant Phiri from Malawi message

Dannie Grant Phiri from Malawi message
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The reason I feel I can be the best ‘CAR FROM JAPAN’ brand representative

Even a brand as famous as CAR FROM JAPAN has room for growth, especially in Malawi where it is a relatively new player compared to other Japanese Used Car dealers. And to grow, there is need for a credible brand representative, someone who has a considerable captive audience on social media and is credible among the followers.

That is where I come in. I have a large and still growing number of followers on Facebook, Tweeter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Over the years people have come to place a lot of trust in my postings. Owing to my writing style, they enjoy them so much they keep actively engaging with me. I am therefore the right person to represent the brand in Malawi and grow it beyond what it is now.

What would make representation easy is that I believe in CAR FROM JAPAN. I believe it is committed to delivering the best service at incredible prices. I know it represents over 200 car dealers from all over Japan, all of them seasoned exporters. So I know CAR FROM JAPAN is able to meet demands for vehicles of all makes and models customers across the world, whatever their needs, whatever their specifications, whatever their means. Its credibility is further enhanced by its membership in the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA). This membership is very important in these days of online fraud. What is more, how can I not believe in a company that guarantees not to release payment to the seller until it is confirmed that the vehicle has been shipped?

Sadly the reality is that this trust in CAR FROM JAPAN is currently just in me and a few other people. But winning the car would turbo charge CAR FROM JAPAN’s image in Malawi. People would not only be hearing about it, but they would also be actually seeing a vehicle with a ‘CAR FROM JAPAN’ sticker on Malawi’s roads. That would mean a lot in the public’s perception. Add to that the fact that I am well connected to people in the media, the story that I won a car would not only be all over social media but also be covered by trusted newspapers, radios and television. Within a short space of time, CAR FROM JAPAN would see an exponential increase in the number of vehicle orders from Malawi.

People in the know may perhaps wonder why I still trust in CAR FROM JAPAN and be willing to sweat in its interest despite the fact that in the current campaign, my points are far less than what they should be. For almost the entire campaign I am not being credited the 150 points each day I post to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. I trust and believe that my points are far fewer they should be because of a computer glitch rather than a deliberate attempt to lower my points in favour of other people.

Yes, I believe in CAR FROM JAPAN with all my heart and if I win, this belief will be used to work to make it the got to brand among Japanese Used Car dealers in Malawi.

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